Snacks For The Troops!

$ 10.00

So you've made a few resolutions this year. You aren't eating any snacks. Carbs of any sort are off your list. And while each snack mix from Snarf Foods™ is far healthier than what you would find on the grocery shelves (baked NOT fried, no trans-fats, no added salt, no added preservatives and is available gluten-free), you still will not be convinced. You have will least until Superbowl!

OK, but just because you aren't eating snacks, doesn't mean there aren't a whole lot of people who would love to receive a bag of Bob's...our troops! So for the month of January, we have initiated the Snacks For The Troops program! We have modeled it after Hansa Coffee Roaster's program, Coffee For The Troops.

How does it work? For $10.00 you can purchase an 8oz snack pack. The price includes the snack, tax, shipping and a donation to Operation Fetch (501C3 non-profit dedicated to Service Dogs, PTSD advocacy and recovery from trauma of any kind). It's easy, you buy the bag and we do all the heavy lifting getting the snacks to the troops.

Now you can still order yourself a bag of Bob's, but you can't do it from the link above. All these purchases are going to our troops.