Our Story

Back in the 1950’s Bob Pritchard began tinkering with his Aunt Margie’s recipe for “Nuts & Bolts” and a concoction simply known as THE MIX was born. It was so good, that I married his son to get the recipe and a business was born. Bob passed away in 2001, but I made a promise to Bob and myself to keep the dream alive.

Fast forward to 2017, after years of working on Snarf Foods™, on weekends and evenings I finally got the nerve to quit my day job of 28 years to go all in. Scary stuff!

I hope you enjoy our products. I know it might sound cliché, but they are all made with love (and a lot of other good stuff) and as an added bonus, a portion of all profits go to organizations that help feed the hungry.

Thank you for your support and of course…Snarf On!

Shelley “Snarfy” Lazarus
Chief Snack Officer