Bob's S'mores/Bob's Killer Karamallows™

$ 1.50

Why wait until camping to enjoy a s'more? Try our NEW s'mores with a twist! Available all year long, though we will only ship them when the weather is cool.

A jumbo marshmallow on a stick, drizzled with our Killer Karamel™ and dark chocolate. Then we add pieces of graham crackers for the finishing touch. Oh so good!

Mini marshmallows are also available. Great for weddings or other special events.

Bob's s'mores can also be ordered without graham crackers - Bob's Killer Karamallows™ (making them gluten free) and a great addition to stir into your hot chocolate. Just let us know if that is your preference.

**Ships only in cool weather (October - April) but can be delivered/picked up year round. Because we do not add any preservatives it is recommended they be consumed as soon as possible **

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