Things Are Changing At Snarf Foods™ July 26, 2017 10:17

Hello My Frequent Snarfers,

I’ve gone and done it. What’s it? Well I have lost all reason and sensibility and left my day job of 28 years to follow my heart…Snarf Foods™. Yes folks, I am all in!

Am I scared? You betcha.  Am I feeling like my entire world just got turned upside down? Yep. Am I sure this was the right decision? I certainly hope so.

You see many years ago I made a promise to Bob Pritchard (the Bob of Bob’s Jumble-Aya™, etc.) that I would carry on our little dream. I have been working really hard at it, but I could only put forth so much effort on weekends and at night. I even took my vacations from my "day job" in December so I could keep up with the holiday rush. Well I am not getting any younger and it’s time to see if this baby can fly without the help of a safety net.

That’s where you all come in. I need you to think Snarf Foods™ at every holiday, when you’re having a special event or when you might need to give a gift of something deliciously different.  Help me spread the word of Snarf Foods™. Like our page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Share our posts. Bookmark our website. Tell your friends and family about Snarf Foods™. Got an idea for a new product or how I could improve something? PLEASE let me know. Finally, if you know a location where Snarf Foods™ would fit in (specialty gift shop, caterer, bar, restaurant, or other entertainment venues) I would love an introduction (cold calls are the worst). 

I guess it all boils down to don’t forget about Snarf Foods™. I’ll keep you informed of my progress. The ups and hopefully not too many downs. Don’t be alarmed at silence, it just means I am working really hard!

Thanks again for your past and I hope future support.

Snarf On!

Chief Snack Officer and Official Crazy Person!