Snarf Foods™ To Be At 2017 Solar Eclipse (well sort of). August 20, 2017 09:05

Yesterday while at the Kenosha Harbor Market, I met a very nice couple who had never heard of Snarf Foods™ (wow, how unusual!). Anyway, after I explained the story of Bob and the long and winding road I have been on, they agreed to try a sample. Lo and behold they were hooked and told me they needed a snack for their train ride down to Carbondale, Illinois to view the solar eclipse. They will depart Union Station at 3:00 AM and needed something to fortify them on their adventure.

So I am proud to say at least 1 bag of Snarf Foods™ will be at ground zero for the solar eclipse.

Remember, do not look directly at the eclipse without protective eye ware. You can however look into a bag of Bob’s with no problem!