Snack Mix - Gluten Free

$ 2.25

 BOB'S JUMBLE-AYA ™ comes is two flavors -
Original or Spicy. This is the mix that started the
empire! It's a savory snack of pretzels, peanuts and
cereal seasoned to perfection with just the right
"kick" to make your taste buds take notice. Spicy is
hot (but not too) - Original is not - and both are full
of flavor. You haven't tasted anything like this
before! Never fear, our gluten free version tastes
as great as the original...really!

delicious! Just like its big brother Bob's
JUMBLE-AYA™ Praline Insanity is a mix of
pretzels, peanuts and cereal. But that's where
the similarity ends. A sweet treat (but not too)
with a dash of salt that is sure to be habit

BOB'S CONFUSED™ is outrageous
combo of BOB'S PRALINE
™ and SPICY BOB's
™ Can't make up your
mind? Then this is the mix for you!

Please note that although the ingredients are gluten free, snacks are PROCESSED IN A FACILITY THAT PROCESSES GLUTEN.